February 8, 2011

Raw snacks by Raw revolution

a raw snack by Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars
Eating raw, live foods enliven cells and contribute to a better functioning body. As more people awaken to the incredible benefits of this natural way of eating, the global ecology also begins to flourish. But besides grabbing an apple, how can eating raw become convenient to keep up with a busy lifestyle? There are high quality options for raw foodies on the run!! 
Registered nurse and natural foods chef Alice Benedetto turned her passion into an organic raw-food product. Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars, available at various international wholefood retailers and on Amazon.com, are raw, gluten free, vegan and free of wheat, corn, soy, trans-fat, cholesterol and refined sugar.

February 7, 2011

Molecular gastronomy

two examples of cook with liquid nitrogen

United States Patents

Inventor of molecular gastronomy is Pierre Gilles de Gennes, Nobel Prize  for Physics in 1991. He, since 1992, broughttogether chemists biologists and chefs in order to make scientific experiments in the kitchen to get to develop a "theory of thedish
"Frenchman Hervè This, author of several books on molecular gastronomy, wasthe first chef to put on paper innovation dishes prepared with scientific methods.
The principal point of this method is the review of cooking method to create new flavors and improved dishes from the gastronomic point of view; cooking is often done without a flame. Alternative methods, based on the study of modification of the molecules of food, to create new flavors,  but even more they can offer new and more advantageous features of dishes,including its diet. For example it's possible cook fish in a mix of cast sugar , without oil and discovered that with this mixture halves cooking time, retaining the moisture of the fish. 
It'a new method all to discover. You can see a video of molrcular food preparation.

Evolution of cooking methods

The first type of cooking has appeared with the discovery of fire and consisted in roasting directly on coals. Next method is boiling food, but not directly on the fire but in some water which was closed in animal skin, that was placed in a hole filled with hot stones. The our boiling are introduced with the invention of crockery hot resistance (about IX sec. a.C.).
The cooking on the stove was born at 3000 a.c., when Egyptians were developing the method for makeing bread.
Last method is frying, thanks to the discovery of metal crockery.

February 6, 2011



Synonyms of cooked

1. Uncooked
2. Unripe, immature
3. Natural, crude, rustic
4. Hard, Pungent
5. Tough, realistic, sharp, blunt, brutal, nasty, unpleasant
6. Cruel, painful

Synonyms of raw

1.uncooked, undercooked
2.natural, unprocessed
6.tough, realistic, sharp, blunt, brutal, nasty, unpleasant
7.hard, cold, pungent, harsh

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